Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com

Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com

Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.comMove your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.comMove your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com

Move your body and learn!

The Move It! Alphabet


Moving and learning is fun! The Move It! Alphabet is designed to engage the imagination of three to six year old children. Explore moving your body and learning the alphabet. Body awareness, coordination and balance come alive one letter at a time. 

Learning tools designed by movement experts


We offer an early learning card game, flash cards and banner featuring 26 illustrated alphabet characters and activities to pair learning the alphabet with a child's exploration of movement.

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Move It Alphabet


Kudos and Quotes


Thank you teacher Maria and the Georgetown California Head Start class!

What an exciting visit we enjoyed with teacher Maria, her staff and the amazing students in the Georgetown Head Start class. We had special help from our four year old Move It! Alphabet expert McKenna, who demonstrated all the letters to a curious and engaging group. Moving and learning is fun!

Quotes from our users

I am delighted when my 4-year old grandson Jack asks if we can play Move It. It is our special game together. Now I carry the Move It deck in my purse so we can play at any given moment.

grandmother of three

I feel very grateful to have the Move It! Alphabet playing cards in my 'toolbox' (and purse!)... mother and occupational therapist

When children have fun while trying something new, I believe that they can learn it faster... grandmother

The game has become part of their regular play-time routine... father

I like the game because you try to make letters with your body. I also like to guess what letters my friends are making... five year old

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