Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com

Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com

Move your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.comMove your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.comMove your Body and learn—www.moveitalphabet.com


I remember witnessing the first time my son played with his body shape related to the letters in his name, you could see his understanding transform in the moment. The experiences feel productive, yet fun and authentic. Every time we revisit the cards they never fail to make apparent the changes in the development of my son's understanding of shape and space, interaction and play, reading, among other things.  I feel very grateful to have the Move It! Alphabet playing cards in my 'toolbox' (and purse!). Alida L., mother and occupational therapist, Santa Cruz, CA.

The Move It! Alphabet has been a hit in my classroom!!! I am a preschool teacher, artist and athlete, and I love to incorporate movement in our program while learning math and phonics. My students enjoy building letters with their bodies and love to spell out words with their friends. This has been a great game for not only my students, but my own children who are five and nine years old.  Johanna Carr, founder and director of Lil' Turtles Preschool, Rocklin, CA.

Move It! Alphabet is a clever way for young children to feel the letters of our alphabet with their arms. legs and body! When children have fun while trying something new, I believe that they can learn it faster.  Amory, grandmother of four, Martinez, CA.

Move It! Alphabet is a fun and engaging way for young children to learn the alphabet and letter formation through body movement. All three of my children, ages two, five and seven enjoy replicating the movements shown on the playing cards and participating in the game both with parental assistance and during their own independent play. The game is regularly accessible and has become part of their regular play-time routine. By far their favorite letter to form is "w" as it involves a team effort. Spencer, father of three, Santa Cruz CA.

After working in education and specifically the arts including dance and creative movement, I know for a fact that once you put information into a child's body they have it. I've also observed that children who  have a sense of where their body is in space have an easier time in a variety of endeavors, for example, navigating a crowded classroom, carrying their painting water and paintbrush. 

The nice thing about this product is that, once it has been introduced, children can return to the banner and/or cards and work with the  letters as a learning station without any teacher direction. "Guess what letter I'm making?" one child says to another. Who knows it may ease children out of letter reversals that are so common in early writers. 

Liz Lindsley, Ed.D., Santa Cruz, CA.

I like the game because you try to make letters with your body. I also like to guess what letters my friends are making. Eliana, five year old, Rocklin CA.

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